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Cricket History


Cricket is played all over the world by eccentric idiotic police constables and others who would like emulate them. It is also played in Australia and Yorkshire, and unlike rounders, it is not the same as baseball.

It is an apparently pointless sport with rules which no one really understands involving 15 men standing around in a field who occasionally run around, but on the whole stand completely motionless hoping something might happen. Cricket is universally considered one of the most boring and tedious of sports, but continues to be popular the world over with the boring and tedious.

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A cricket match in action.
"Was he in the Beatles?" ~ George Dubya Bush on Cricket

Rules of Cricket


The 'Laws' of Cricket are simple, and are summarised by the International Crocheting Club (ICC) as follows:

  1. Each game requires 2 teams, who get to hit their balls (when they are called the 'batsmen' and not 'batters' as in Baseball, or 'batty' as in Northern Englishmen) or to bowl (not pitch or throw or chuck) their balls then chase after them ('fielding').
  2. One round of hitting the balls is called an innings (from the Latin "an outing, or picnic", plural innit, as in: "Why, Thompson this game rather something of a picnic, innit?").
  3. Some games last 5 days, and usually comprises of 2 innings (innit) or less if everyone can't be bothered to play that long, it gets dark or the spectators go home.
  4. Each team has 12 players each although only 11 play and the 12th man is called the "12th man" who gets the drinks. One team fields and bowls, and the other bats. Batting is the only remotely interesting part of the game, but bowling is also popular as you are allowed to try and hurt the batsman.

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Ancient picture of a green Raptor playing cricket. Raptors were mostly known for their fierce fast bowling.

The "Duckworth-Lewis" system

An early 19th century cricket scientist Cyril Duckworth-Lewis invented this controversial rule. When there is a hurricane within a radius of 140 000 kilometers from a game of cricket any player of any team may call upon the Duckworth-Lewis system to stop all ongoing play and ensue in chasing a duck, worth the amount of exactly one Lewis. The first team to catch the duck gets 1 Lewis to do with as they please.

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